The "Godpreneur Method" Challenge

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Spending quality time daily in the morning with God before hitting the business day is the most difficult challenge for entrepreneurs. This challenge is specifically designed to help you understand that you might have overcomplicated this task, you might not be seeing the full benefits, and maybe nobody has shown you a Bible study and meditation practice that is specifically designed for busy Christian Entrepreneurs….like me and you. There's a formula. There's a method. There's a way you can become HOOKED on connecting with God every morning. I own multiple companies, I manage dozens of employees, I have a family with kids, I have a non-profit organization that I run, an annual golf tournament I organize, and even I have the time to sit down with God every morning. Am I any different than you? Nope. We both have the same amount of hours in a day. The only thing is that I've developed this habit that is so efficient to the way I operate that I've been able to keep it up for years. You can, too! Developing the daily habit of studying what the Bible has to say about your business is the secret to unlocking that desire you have to WANT to be in the Word. See, most Christian WANT to have this daily habit. But the distance between WANTING and actually DOING seems long and overwhelming. It's not. Once you're done with this challenge, you'll have a burning desire to know MORE! You'll be hooked. You'll never be the same.

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Alex Miranda
Alex Miranda

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