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It’s Time to Launch

Your Christian Personal Brand

Video Courses, Step-by-Step Guidance, and

a Community also Spreading their Message to the World

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Brand Development



Marketing and Advertising

Community Building

Monetizing Your Message

Growing a Personal Brand God's Way Should Not Be a Mystery

When you learn how to grow a personal brand the world's way, you put a lot at risk.....

Too many opportunities creating indecision and confusion

Are you in the brand God called you to?

You're monetizing the wrong way

You feel alone and inauthentic

There's no momentum for your message

Some well-meaning experts can't be trusted

The Godpreneur Academy has everything you need to grow your personal brand, God’s Way - all in one place. And for a fraction of the cost of all the self-help books and courses.

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Everything God wants to show you on spreading your message

Get access to the full library of courses for just $550 $275/year. Cancel anytime.

Your Subscription Gives You Access to

Bible-Based Courses that Unlock Keys to Personal Brand Success


Build Your Personal Brand

Step-by-Step Instructions on Every Area for discovering, launching, and growing a Christian personal brand.

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Launch Products Successfully

There are specific strategies that can be used to ensure that launches go smoothly and stress-free. Students who are able to implement these launch methods increase the likelihood of success for new products as well as future ones.

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Build a Tribal Community

Guidance on how to inspire your community by increasing their confidence, helping them connect to others, and pushing them to challenge themselves.

More Content added regularly!

What Stage Are You In?


You're beginning your personal brand journey. WELCOME! We've got a roadmap for you.


You're dialed in on a message and you're ready to launch!  You need the tools to get you there.  We've got you covered.


You've launched your personal brand and looking to expand your impact, start a movement, and share your calling globally.  Let's go on that journey.

Study Group

The Simple Plan



Get ongoing access to every course for $275/year



Each course is packed with trusted, Bible-based business training



Launch and grow your personal brand God’s way by mastering crucial business skills.


Alex has a unique ability to marry ministry and marketplace.  I want to be around that kind of message because that's what I want to do in my industry too.  I'm excited to learn and grow.

Kevin Jimeno

Real Estate Entrepreneur

If you don't spread your message, who will?

You've been given some kind of insight or wisdom from God on how to navigate your entrepreneurial journey, lead your business, or experience breakthrough personally or professionally.  Business schools aren’t teaching what God showed you.  Who's going to share the message, except for you?


Separating God and business isn’t working anymore.  There’s a spiritual revolution happening in business today.  We’re calling the marketplace ministers.

Your Godpreneur Academy Subscription Includes


Access to All Training Courses

LIVE and Recorded Q&A's

Guidance in All Areas of Branding

Community of Others Like You

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Godpreneur Academy



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