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The 5 Stages of Godpreneurship

Image by Emma Simpson

1 - Awareness

Stage 1 is awareness that God wants to personally partner with you in business and guide the rest of your entrepreneurial career.

Image by Francisco T Santos

2 - Discovering Your Calling

Stage 2 is discovering that God has a very specific business he created you to be in, and uncovering your particular calling is critical before taking off.  Imagine a plane that is taking off in the wrong direction - it never arrives at it's destination.  It just keeps flying around in circles, looking for where to land.  If you feel this way, then you need to come back to stage 2.

Image by SpaceX

3 - Business Launch

Stage 3 comes once you know what direction God wants you to head in, now you plan and execute the launch (or relaunch) of your new and improved God-first business brand.

Image by micheile dot com

4 - Business Growth

Stage 4 comes after you've discovered and launched your God-first brand, now it's time to grow your business God's way.  You might have grown a business before and reached some level of success, but starting from scratch and doing it God's way is necessary to achieve the success God has for you.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

5 - Personal Branding

And finally, stage 5 is that you've achieved discovering, launching, and growing a business God's way, and now you want to inspire and show others how to do the same thing.  That's when you're ready to launch a Christian personal brand.  That's the phase I've reached now because I started from stage 1 back in 2014.

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