Removing The Stress of Money in Your Business

A 3-Day Plan to Align Your Financial Decisions and Business Pursuits with Bible-Based Success

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Are you tired of the roller-coaster of financial stress in your entrepreneurial journey? Do you yearn for a way to navigate the challenges of money and business with a sense of peace, purpose, and divine guidance?

Introducing the transformative "Removing the Stress of Money In Your Business" Business Bible Plan, offered exclusively within the Godpreneur Academy. This comprehensive plan empowers Christian entrepreneurs like you to align their financial decisions and business pursuits with faith-centered success.

[What You'll Gain from This Plan:]

This plan breaks down into three empowering steps, each carefully crafted to help you understand the intricate relationship between your faith and your business finances.

  • Embrace God's Provision and Guidance: Learn to shift your focus from money to divine guidance. Understand that trust in God's care is your ultimate source of security.
  • Shift Focus from Money to Contentment: Discover how to avoid the money trap and embrace contentment. Learn to cultivate satisfaction in God's gifts and your positive impact on others.
  • Nurture True Satisfaction and Trust: Dive deep into holistic growth, anchoring yourself in moments of contentment and choosing God's love over stress.

Practical Wisdom from Scriptures: Drawing wisdom from Philippians 4:12, Matthew 6:25-33, and more, this plan bridges the gap between your faith and your business practices, helping you find the elusive peace you've been seeking.

[Part of Your Journey on The Path to Godpreneurship]

As a member of the Godpreneur Academy, you're not just enrolling in individual Business Bible Plans—you're embarking on a transformative journey through "The Path to Godpreneurship." This comprehensive framework is designed to guide you through the various stages of building a God-centered business, aligning your entrepreneurial journey with your faith and purpose.

"Removing the Stress of Money In Your Business" is a pivotal stop on this journey, specifically designed to support you during Stage 3 of "The Path to Godpreneurship." In this stage, you'll tackle the challenges and stresses of launching your business, focusing on brand identity, financial foundations, and more. As you navigate this stage, this Business Bible Plan will provide you with the essential spiritual and practical insights you need to conquer the financial hurdles that may come your way.

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Plan Outline

  Day 1: Embrace God's Provision and Guidance
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  Day 2: Shift Focus from Money to Contentment
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  Day 3: Nurture True Satisfaction and Trust
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  Conclusion - Where Do You Go from Here?
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